Thursday, 13 June 2013

Piste and Peaks

Thanks to Victoria and Marty for the photos and review below.


The start of June saw two Qualified Level 2 MIAS mountain bike instructors/guides added to the Piste and Peaks arsenal of helpful, enthusiastic staff. Us. Our love of the mountains and desire to have as much knowledge as possible to help our guests enjoy themselves prompted Victoria and I to train and be evaluated as Level 2 instructors. We also passed our Red Cross First Aid refresher course.

mountain bike rocks downhill
UK instructor demo

This means that our MTB clients have the peace of mind to go riding with us to the back of far and beyond, having confidence in our local knowledge and ability. Adding to this we now have the evaluation experience and coaching skills required to help riders overcome their fears and to boost confidence.As a result, Piste and Peaks will be adding MTB lessons to our website in the very near future…

mountain bike steep drops in trees
Healy Nab forest red

The course was held in the UK near Rivington just off the M61 by Ray Mazey who also does skills courses and Maintenance Courses.

bridge hill mountain bikers talkin
MIAS instruction  check it out – he’s a top bloke! We would recommend any of Ray’s courses as he has a wealth of information on the subject, explains things well, is fair in his evaluations and is a master at what he does. Not a bad rider either.

The area is very picturesque and it was easy to forget that we were working and luckily the weather was perfect. If it wasn’t for the English lanes, fairy tale forests full of bluebells and surrounded by buttercups it could have been South Australia (in Spring). We left with good memories, qualifications and a tan.

Where’s the next course Victoria?

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