Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Instructor Course 30/31 October 2012

Soooooooo long since I last posted. I know its really bad of me....Sorry

Big thanks to Kate for these photos :o)

A great group on the Instructor Course on a cold and rainy day at Rivington. I have met some really nice people since I have been providing Instructor Courses over the last 10years, and Kate, Simon, Neil, Noel, Graham and Jason were no exception. Thanks a lot guys, a great day in what I would have to describe as less than ideal conditions. Thank you all for your feedback.

Simon riding down the bridleway on the way to the man made trails at Healey Nab, were we carried out some Level 2 Coaching on the Red Trails.

Theory Day

Although we cover the all important Risk Assessment on the Theory Day of the course. We also cover trail repairs - Adjusting gears, repairing chains etc. Along with some work on maps and route planning.

Photo below, is Simon making easy work of a chain repair, he must have had a good teacher :o) Neil is waiting in the background ready to move in to waltz through :o)  front and rear gear adjustments. Photo (again) courtesy of Kate. Thanks Kate :o)       

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